What is EasyCubes®?

EasyCubes® is the ultimate modern product display system. Reconfigurable, fully customisable and user friendly. Using only three lightweight components, you can assemble a showroom that fits your floor.

Refresh the way your products are presented with EasyCubes®. Super easy, super elegant, super fast and super flexible.

  • EXCLUSIVE to Innov8 Displays
  • Self build by virtually anyone in minutes NOT hours!
  • NO tools required for any parts
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Professional appearance at a fraction of the cost
  • Fully reconfigurable | Change the cubes to fit your requirements
  • Versatile | Suitable for retail, exhibitions, merchandising, flooring and more

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Cool Modular Building System 1

User-Friendly System

Designing your product display has never been easier! EasyCubes® uses only three lightweight components, requires no tools and is easy and quick to assemble.

  • Absolutely NO tools required
  • Install within minutes 
  • Lightweight and extremely strong
  • Perfectly stackable for easy transport

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Fully Customisable

Customisation and versatility are at the core of the EasyCubes® system. Custom colours, textures and branding allows for versatility that no other system can match.

In addition to function and aesthetics, the simplicity of EasyCubes© makes building your display fun!

  • Combine cool textures and funky colours
  • Easily change your covers and skins
  • Cost-effectively refresh the way your products are presented
  • Create displays with a distinctive modern look and feel
  • Connect walls to make a display

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Customise EasyCubes

Reconfigure Anytime

EasyCubes® can be constantly reconfigured and added to, the options are limitless! Instantly recongnise the value in a system that's modular, adaptable and visually stunning.

  • Easily change the cubes to fit your requirement
  • A system that grows with your needs
  • The Tetris of product display systems!
  • Modular, adaptable and visually stunning

Or call now on 01733 306308

Or call now on 01733 306308

EasyCubes® Product Display

5 Reasons to Buy EasyCubes©

  1. Only 3 parts required to make thousands of designs
  2. Premium quality at a fraction of the price
  3. Fully reconfigurable, the options are endless!
  4. No tools required
  5. Eco-friendly display system - 100% recyclable

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