Displaying Your Products Has Never Been So EASY!

You spend all that time and money attending expos and leave the success to chance. Not anymore with EasyCubes®!

Stand out from the crowd and create your dynamic and unique product displays to make your products pop! After all, you only have one chance to make a first impression!

  • EXCLUSIVE to Innov8 Displays
  • Versatile | Create plinths, counters and stages for your products within minutes
  • NO tools required
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Professional way to display your products
  • Rebrand the cubes to fit with your promotion
  • Reuse the same parts time and time again!

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EasyCubes Expo

Play | Change | Rearrange

Creating your stunning display without the stress and stand out amongst the competition. EasyCubes® make your products impossible to ignore and help get the most out of your expo!

  • Reconfigure to virtually any size display
  • Self-build by virtiually anyone in minutes
  • Cost-effective solution

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Customise Your Design

Create bespoke eye-catching displays and make your stand instantly more attractive.

  • Endless branding possibilities
  • Cost-effective rebranding
  • Redesign at any time to suit your ever-changing needs
  • Combine any colour or texture
  • Your slogan, logo and product promotion can be easily applied for maximum impact

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EasyCubes Expo 0006 unnamed 3
EasyCubes Expo 0008 expo1
EasyCubes Expo 0002 unnamed 1
EasyCubes Expo 0005 stand
EasyCubes Expo 0009 SHOPSHOP2
EasyCubes Expo 0010 shopshop fINAL
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Every showroom has its own sense of style, but good design is universal.

Diagram and Expo Displays

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EasyCubes Expo 0005 stand

Professional Appearance

EasyCubes® combines durability and reliability with a premium look and feel.

  • Modern, stylish look without breaking the bank
  • Connect walls to create an eye-catching display
  • Superb coated scratch resistant textures

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Stand Out From the Crowd

  • Durable | Easy to maintain, scratch-free options available
  • Ultra Fast | Dummy proof install and changes within minutes
  • Economical | Maximum reusabilty guaranteed
  • Recyclable | Cradle to cradle 100% recyclable
  • Ultra Light | 3 times lighter than wood

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Build your own 0005 Standfashion

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EasyCubes® | Expo

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5 Reasons to Buy EasyCubes©

  1. Only 3 parts required to make thousands of designs
  2. Premium quality at a fraction of the price
  3. Fully reconfigurable, the options are endless!
  4. No tools required
  5. Eco-friendly display system - 100% recyclable

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