Displaying Your Bikes Has Never Been so EASY!

We know it’s not easy to find a display system that showcases all the items in your bicycle showroom. Bikes have some unique challenges when it comes to creating a retail display that really makes them pop. That’s where EasyCubes helps!

  • EXCLUSIVE to Innov8 Displays
  • Self build by virtually anyone in minutes
  • NO tools required for any parts
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Professional showroom appearance at a fraction of the cost
  • Award-winning modular display system
  • Fully reconfigurable | Change the cubes to fit your requirements

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EasyCubes Bike Displays

Play | Change | Rearrange

Instead of having a fixed display, with EasyCubes you can have a unique product display every day! The bold, contemporary design assembles in minutes - no tools required!

  • Fast and effective assembly
  • Reuse the same parts again and again
  • Extremely user-friendly

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Customise Your Design

Unleash your creativity and discover an exciting world of branding possibilities.

Display your bikes on woodchips, grass, stones or use high gloss covers to  maximise visibility. Attract attention and stand out from the crowd - the only limit is your imagination!

  • Combine cool textures and funky colours
  • Easy to change and rearrange
  • Rebrand cost-effectively

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Bike Display 0006 DSC 0031
Bike Display 0008 BIKE SHOP4
Bike Display 0005 BIKE SHOP21
Bike Display 0004 MWSnap003
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Every showroom has its own sense of style, but good design is universal.

Diagram and bike displays

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Bike Display 0008 BIKE SHOP4

Professional Appearance

EasyCubes® combines durability and reliability with a premium look and feel.

  • Modern, stylish look without breaking the bank
  • Connect walls to create an eye-catching display
  • Superb coated scratch resistant textures

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Stand Out From The Crowd

  • Durable | Scratch-free and easy to maintain
  • Ultra Fast | Dummy proof install and changes within minutes
  • Economical | Maximum reusabilty guaranteed
  • Recyclable | Cradle to cradle 100% recyclable
  • Ultra Light | 3 times lighter than wood

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Bike Display 0005 BIKE SHOP21

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EasyCubes® | Bike Displays

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5 Reasons to Buy EasyCubes©

  1. Only 3 parts required to make thousands of designs
  2. Premium quality at a fraction of the price
  3. Fully reconfigurable, the options are endless!
  4. No tools required
  5. Eco-friendly display system - 100% recyclable

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