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The Largest Seamless Graphic Lightbox

Discover new dimensions with Lumin8 Big! With a height of up to three meters and at five meters wide, the Lumin8 Big is not only the largest portable lighting box on the market, but its modular system facilitates a multitude of application and design options. 

Supplied in award-winning packaging, the Lumin8 Big is quick to assemble, ultra-bright and stays in pristine order when transported and stored.

  • Largest lightbox - up to 3m tall and 6m wide
  • Ultra bright, integrated Osram LED lights
  • Seamless, bright and eye-catching graphics
  • Self build by virtually anyone in minutes
  • Packs down perfectly into small award-winning packaging
  • Easy to change the stretched fabric graphic
  • Simply add extension modules to extend the height and width of the display at any time
  • Suitable for exhibitions, retail and showroom

Ultra-Bright Lightbox Display

Lumin8 Big

1 System, Multiple Possibilities

Not only is it easy to assemble yourself, but you can also reconfigure it to almost any combination, meaning that it can fit virtually any exhibition stand space or event space that you attend, making it a very cost-effective solution.

  • Reconfigure to virtually any size and shape
  • Big seamless graphic up to 6m wide and 3m tall
  • Infinitely connect together to create the ultimate display
  • Simply add extension modules to extend the size of your display

Versatile | Perfect For:

The versatility of the system creates maximum value and return on investment as it enables you to utilise the system in a huge array of ways.  Re-use the system as is or split and reconfigure it into smaller units and use in multiple locations.

  • Shell scheme exhibition space
  • Space only exhibition stands
  • Retail displays and shopping centres
  • Office or reception backdrops
  • Conference displays
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