Self Build Exhibition Stands & Flooring

Build Your Own Exhibition, it Really is that EASY

We provide 5 unique, distinct and professional self build exhibition stand and flooring solutions. Each custom modular system has it's own individual set of features and benefits ensuring that we have something to suit your needs.

It has never been easier for you to create a professional looking exhibition stand at a fraction of the cost by owning and building the system yourself.

5 Reasons to Buy & Self Build

  1. It's much easier than you think
  2. Better value than hiring
  3. Re-usable (eco friendly)
  4. Puts you in control
  5. Not just for your event.  Use it in the office, for retail, in your meeting room, in reception plus much more

The Easiest One

Lighbox in a Box

The Full Monty

Light and Bright

The Simple One

Modular Flooring

Fully Customisable Flooring

Reconfigurable | Easy | Fast

Qwick is a truly self build exhibition stand system which can be built by virtually anyone and transported easily in a car.  Seamless fabric graphics create a professional and stunning result for your exhibition or event.

  • EXCLUSIVE to Innov8 Displays
  • No tools required
  • Reconfigurable to any shape and size
  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Custom modular design
  • Huge range of accessories
  • Stand out | Up to 4m high

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Qwick Self Build Stands 0001 Qwick Self Build Kit 5 4
Qwick Self Build Stands 0000 Qwick Self Build Kit 7 1
Qwick Self Build Stands 0002 Kit 4 1 1

ledup litup
The "Light box in a BOX"

Award winning and stunningly simple LED lightbox solution that is quite simply the easiest lightbox in the world!

  • EXCLUSIVE to Innov8 Displays
  • No tools required 
  • Fastest and easiest lightbox in the World
  • Modular system
  • Packs down perfectly into small award-winning packaging
  • Ultra bright - get noticed!
  • Simply plug and play

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wavelight logo sml
Lightweight, Inflatable and Illuminated

The WaveLight range of illuminated displays includes the aluminium frame and fabric sock style systems in addition to the brand new WaveLight Air inflatable system.

  • 3 distinct styles available
  • Lightest self build system
  • 'Pillow case' style graphics
  • User friendly aluminium tube with push button fixings
  • Inflatable for super easy setup

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cleverframe example1
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The Ultimate Self Build Exhibition Stand Solution

The most comprehensive self build exhibition stand solution available today.  CleverFrame is an aluminium frame based system that takes foamex panel graphics.  This is a truly custom modular system where anything is possible yet it can be assembled and installed by most companies themselves.

  • NO tools required
  • Customisable | almost anything is possible
  • Fully reconfigurable custom modular exhibition stand system
  • Modular frame system with unlimited possibilities
  • Stand out up to 5m in height

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FabTex New
Pillow Case Graphics with Pole System

The FabTex system is a tried and tested fabric display system.  The FabTex Modular extends this by making larger, more detailed stand designs whilst continuing to utilise the simple push button aluminium pole structure and zip on fabric graphics.

  • Lightest self build system
  • 'Pillow case' style graphics
  • User friendly aluminium tube with push button fixings

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Durable and Hard-Wearing Modular Flooring System

Qwick Flooring is an easy to install, stylish and modular interlocking flooring system. The smart interlocking design allows quick installation and breakdown, and can be configured to different layouts and sizes. Qwick requires no tools and is extremely user-friend, taking two people around 20 minutes to lay a 100 square metre floor!

  • EXCLUSIVE to Innov8 Displays
  • Extremely user friendly - no tools required
  • Hard-wearing with a professional appearance
  • Various colours available 
  • Fully reconfigurable into different layouts
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Edging fixings, perfect for entrances, exits and disability access
  • Versatile | suitable for expos, retail, marquees, vehicle promotions and much more! 

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Building your Floor Has Never Been so EASY!

EasyCubes® is the most customisable, versatile and stylish modular flooring system on the market.

  • EXCLUSIVE to Innov8 Displays
  • Self build in minutes, as easy as ABC
  • NO tools required
  • Durable, scratch resistant and stylish
  • Reconfigurable | Change the cubes to fit your requirements
  • Excellent cable management through a matrix of cable pathways
  • Versatile | Suitable for exhibitions, conferences, shopping centres and much more!

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EasyCube Floors
EasyCube Floors
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5 Reasons to Work with Innov8 Displays

  1. We are the experts and truly know and love what we do
  2. Our extensive range means we have something for everyone
  3. Many of our solutions are UK exclusives
  4. We will NEVER be beaten on price
  5. We really want your business!

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