What is Titan’s Event Dome Shelter??

The Titan Dome is an event dome shelter that’s robust and high quality design leads the industry. Its rounded canopy and sturdy structure of lightweight aluminium tubes mean that it is as functional as it is distinctly stylish. That is why the Titan Dome is perfect for any number of applications, from outdoor environments where durability is required, to indoor exhibitions where sleek branding is essential. With its ultra compact storage capabilities and installation that requires no tools, the Titan Dome is a remarkably simple and effective option:
  • Temporary or semi-permanent structure
  • 6 sizing options available
  • Simple installation and removal
  • Ease of transport and storage
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Complete Customisation

Titan’s event dome shelter comes in white as standard but, like all of its features, this can be customised to taste. That’s why clients from a huge range of industries and with a varying styles of branding use the Titan Dome. From full colour printed sidewalls and roofs, to its metal structure, this event dome shelter can fit any and all requirements:
  • Fully branded roof canopies and sidewalls
  • Custom powder coated metal structure
  • Easy change roof canopy and sidewalls
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A Connectable Event Dome Shelter

While there are many different sizes available, the Titan Dome is a modular product that is able to be connected to form larger structures and tented villages. This not only means that larger areas can be covered by multiple event dome shelters, but that it can be done in creative patterns. Less regularly-shaped environments can also be fully utilised by connecting domes, making full use of available space. Simply provide the details of your site to us and we can create a layout for you:
  • Connect at any opening
  • Watertight joins
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5 Reasons to Use Buy a Titan Dome Event Structure

  1. Simple to transport and store
  2. Quick and easy to set up
  3. Constructed of high quality and durable materials
  4. Sleek and customisable design
  5. Connectable modular domes for unique layouts

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