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Titan Dome Drive Through

Temporary Structures

Clever One Protective Visor

Protective Visors


Temporary Structures

Primed for disaster response. Our Titan Dome structures can create urgently needed additional space in times of emergency.

  • Drive-through testing centres
  • Additional manufacturing zones
  • Extra warehousing
  • Drive-through click & collect supermarkets zones
  • Extended canteens, offices and social areas
  • Temporary bed facilities

Titan Domes in Car Park

What is Titan Dome?

Titan Dome is a premium quality, extremely strong event structure with an almost unlimited number of applications.

  • Connect multiple domes together
  • Fast to erect
  • Safe & secure, optional side walls
  • Easy to store
  • Durable and hard wearing
  • Can be reused time & time again
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
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Why Titan Dome?

Extremely adaptable and available in multiple shapes and sizes, Titan Dome is ready to fit your every need.

  • Install without the need for tools or prior training
  • Easily packs away into a transportable pallet-sized package
  • Withstands almost anything the elements can throw at it
  • Available in 6 different sizes
  • Connect multiple domes together to form larger structures
Titan Dome Testing Facility
Titan Domes in Car Park

You're in Safe Hands

Our experienced team are expertly positioned to deliver crisis management of emergency temporary infrastructure safely and efficiently.

  • Full install within a day
  • Rapid response
  • 15+ years' industry experience
  • Available nationwide
  • 24/7 support
Titan Dome Village
Titan Dome Car Park
Titan Dome CS HDL COL COM Business Event Industrial Village NL
Titan Dome CS HDM Mounting Business Food Event Beach Deutsche Bank Village BE
Titan Dome Grote foto onderaan
Titan Dome
Titan Dome inside
Titan Dome inside

Available in a Range of Sizes

Titan Dome 4x4

Titan Dome Express


Titan Dome 5x5

Titan Dome Express


Titan Dome 6x6

Titan Dome Quad


Titan Dome 8x8

Titan Dome Quad


Titan Dome 10x12

Titan Dome Hex


Titan Dome 14x16

Titan Dome Hex



Protective Visor

The CoverOne® re-usable protective visor can be used as a complementary element of protective clothing.

  • Reduce the risk of droplet-borne infections
  • Clean with anti-bacterial chemicals to reuse 
  • Protects face from contact with contaminated hands or objects
  • Made of high quality transparent and durable plastics
  • CE certified
Face Visor
Visor CoverOne

Designed to Protect

The CleverOne protects the mucous membranes of the lips, eyes and nose from contact with contaminated hands or objects as well as small mechanical injuries.

  • The size is universal, adapted to the size of the head with a tape.
  • Visor is made of polyethylene with very high transparency
  • High scratch resistance 
  • Lightweight and comfortable
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